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The human body needs vitamins and minerals to build nearly 200,000,000,000 new red blood cells each day.  That’s 200 billion!  In 10 years your body will have regenerated or replaced nearly all of its cells.  If you want to change your health, start with the food you are eating right now.  


Erik and Amy Eck are engineers who became interested in nutrition when Erik got very sick on their honeymoon to Peru.  Looking for answers through the typical Western route was not working, and Erik was losing a lot of weight, unhappy, and very sick.  An emergency room doctor told them about her sister who practiced a type of muscle testing that was effective in healing people.  She was able to help Erik’s body heal itself, which had not happened through Western medicine.  Using Nutrition Response Testing, Erik experienced immediate results and regained his strength, health, and love for life.  Erik and Amy then attended the two year school for Nutrition Response Testing in Florida.  Being practiced engineers, it simply worked.  Nutrition Response Testing made sense, was repeatable, and was the best healing solution they had found.  Erik and Amy returned to Hawaii in 2014 and began treating patients.


If you are looking for a holistic solution for wellness, schedule an appointment and get on the road to recovery.  


Initial Consultation, Nutrition Response Testing, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and Report of the Findings is $150 and includes the two, one hour sessions. 


Follow up office call of Nutrition Response Testing and review of food log will be conducted weekly during the fine-tuning stage and then bi-weekly during healing and observation, and then monthly or quarterly at $50 per visit.


Referrals and Camp Bennett members receive special pricing.  Children who have parents on a nutrition program are treated for FREE. Follow up visits for children are FREE when they are seen with their parents (does not include cost of supplements). 


Your health is our number one concern.  During the first week we would like you to allocate time for two, one hour sessions so we can fully evaluate your current condition.  The first session will be an initial intake and the second will be a report of the findings.  After the initial assessment, office visits occur once a week for 3-6 weeks to fine tune your program.  These visits will take less time than the initial assessment.  Once your nutritional program is stabilized, the healing and observation period begins with visits every other week for 3-6 visits.  Once you have achieved a more optimal health, you naturally want to stay well.  That is easily accomplished through regularly spaced visits to maintain your health.  We believe good health is the best insurance there is. 

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Ironman Athlete and Marathoner, F44-49

“When I met the Eck’s, I was prone to injury and heading down a lonely road of asking myself should I retire from sports.  But after working with Amy on my form and getting nutritional advice and healing through Standard Process, I could run injury free.  The Eck’s taught me about eating to stay healthy and what to stay away from to avoid getting sick or hurt.  The Eck’s really understood all of my concerns and fears with health.  They understand how the body works.”


XTERRA Athlete and USA Triathlon Coach, F40-44

“Before working with Amy, I suffered from severe monthly migraine headaches and also plantar fasciitis and tendon pain in my feet, all of which were interfering with my training regimen.  So I wasn’t sure how long my triathlon career would last.  All of these health issues have disappeared since I’ve been seeing Amy for nutritional consultation on a consistent basis.  It’s truly amazing to continue to see my health being restored!  I’m over 40 years old and feel like I’m in my 20s again!  My energy level is through the roof.”


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